FunderMax White Core | Color Thru-the-Core

Quality on surface, color through the core, now available in a pure exquisite white. Though similar in form and function to the traditional Black core with colored surface HPL or SPC products, these white core FunderMax compact boards exhibit the fine, stylish difference of having a clean white edge to match the surface color.

The functional properties have remained:

  • Double-sided decor
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Available in large sizes
  • Vertical and Horizontal applications
  • Improved architectural design
  • 2 year extended warranty

The new compact panel core in elegant white conforms to the trend towards cooler, softer and eye appealing architecture. Particularly in premium design applications, where a seamless color through the core is required, Max Compact boards with white core eliminates the dark edge line often found in traditional HPL or SPC materials.

Max Compact panels with white core are state-of-the-art high pressure laminates manufactured in compliance with EN 438 for special interior applications.

FunderMax Compact Interior panels are produced in large dimensions and wide variety of thicknesses from 4 to 15 mm with white core

Thicknesses White Core

4.0 to 15.0 mm (0.158") to (0.590")

Thickness tolerances:

4.0 - 4.9 mm ± 0,4 mm
5.0 - 7.9 mm ± 0,5 mm
8.0 - 11.9 mm ± 0,7 mm
12.0 - 15.0 mm ± 0,8 mm

Surface Texture: FH - Fine Hammer Embossed
Surface Color: White #0085FH - Other surface Colors available upon request
Core: White
Slab size: 4100 x 1300 mm (161.42" x 51.18")
4100 x 1854 mm (161.42" x 73.00")
Density: 1,400 KG/M3 1,400 KG/M3

White Core Applications

FunderMax Compact Interior panels with white core are not only suitable for use in sanitary and wet rooms, but also for all other indoor usage such as wall cladding, wainscoting, furniture, tables, desks, column cladding, lab work surfaces, toilet partitions, urinal or privacy screens, etc., in thickness from 4 to 15 mm.

1. Standard Interior Compact Melamine Panels with black core in thickness from 1 to 20 mm form a wide range for interior applications. FunderMax FH products show a high grade of moisture-resistance and may be used for special applications, such as in laboratories and hospitals, and high humidity and extreme condition areas such as kitchen, bathrooms and toilet partitions.

2. Food court tables and counters, store counters for retail applications, shop fit-outs, school or office shelving, cubicles, contemporary designed kitchens are seen to be primary desired uses as designed by architects and consultants throughout North America and Internationally.

FunderMax Compact Interior panels HPL are laminate panels manufactured under high heat temperature and extreme pressure to form composite panels without warping or delamination.

All panels are trimmed to sizes indicated and sold for fabrication by qualified fabricators, cabinet makers or end users.

Compact Interior panels are not affected by low or high temperatures, nor by water or moisture present on the area of application. The surface of the panels are abrasion and impact resistant. FunderMax panels do not require any specific maintenance and are very easy to clean following standard household cleaning procedures.

The product attributes are incredible, as FunderMax has a 2 year material warranty, high impact, high abrasion resistance and virtually no fade from UV light.

White Core Solid Phenolic Panels offer all the strength and durability of our black core phenolic, with the added advantage of consistent matching color throughout the core, forming a one piece panel for the most progressive applications. White Core SPC panels, where high quality and design are a requirement and not part of a wish list.

  • High resistance to abrasion, shock, scratches and heat
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Easy to clean and resistant to household chemicals
  • Approved for use in food environments
  • Anti-fingerprint surface available
Fabrication of white core Max FH is performed as with traditional compact panels with suitable hard carbide metal tools or wet diamond tooling, if preferred and available. Please pay special attention to proper storage, flat on pallets, stored interior.

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